Covid Procedures for Theatre


Theatre Safety

October 13, 2020

  • Student check-in form and temperature taken. 

  • Evaluate all spaces, and determine max occupancy with 6’ distance in mind (Includes all venue space, dressing rooms, shop space, etc.) EPISD follows cohorts of 15.

  • Maintain distancing of 6’-9' when able

  • Masks required backstage and when not performing. Masks also are worn during rehearsals.

  • Frequent hand washing required (a lot of time during the day to have wash breaks)

  • Build in sanitizing/ cleaning time (Prior to lunch break, and at end of day)

  • If possible, designate foot traffic flow with designated entrance/exits

  • If sick or showing signs of COVID-19: STAY HOME


EPISD Parent Instructions

October 13, 2020

Orientation Procedures Training
• Directors of each fine arts group must attend an orientation to learn of most recent protocols.
• Parents and Students must attend orientation prior to first rehearsal.
• Parents and Students must complete the following forms prior to participating:
o EPISD Acknowledgement of Rules
o Parent Permission for Student Travel
o UIL Preparticipation Physical Evaluation
§ If your students have never gotten a physical.
§ If returning students have had any box checked on 1st page.
o These forms are available on


Links to Forms

October 13, 2020